Guidance For Navigating Florida’s Complex Real Estate Laws

When selling a property in Palm Beach County, you, the seller, choose the closing professional to handle your closing, not the buyer and not a real estate agent. It is your asset that is being sold so you should determine the right professional to handle the transaction, to represent your interests and not those of other parties.

As a buyer, you have the right to have representation at the closing table. You are about to make a significant financial investment, and that process should be controlled by a professional you have chosen. For all the same reasons a seller would choose a representative to protect his or her interests, as a buyer, you should demand nothing less.

Whether you are buying your first home, selling a house or purchasing a vacation home, the experienced lawyers at Thompson & Thomas, P.A., in West Palm Beach are here to assist you. We are dedicated to helping you accomplish your real estate goals.

Experienced legal guidance can help you avoid issues, address unexpected delays and get everything you want to get out of a real estate transaction. When you are buying or selling a home in the West Palm Beach area or anywhere in south Florida, our team is ready to help.

Addressing Real Estate Title Concerns

When used in terms of a real estate transaction, a title determines the legal status of a particular piece of property. It can identify issues such as tax liens and other owners that can prevent you from obtaining clear title to the property at closing.

A title search is necessary to ensure that there are no other claims on the property you are buying. If a title search uncovers problems, we can help resolve those issues prior to closing.

Representing You At The Real Estate Closing

The closing is the final step in the real estate purchase or sale transaction. Complex and nuanced laws regulate these transactions, but our real estate closing attorneys seek to do the following for every client:

  • Help avoid complications and setbacks
  • Carefully and thoroughly review all contracts and documentation
  • Look for ways to save money and time
  • Address issues that could cause problems after closing

Our experience in real estate law can benefit you, helping you bring your case to a satisfactory conclusion. We also help foreign nationals address unique requirements when purchasing a home in Florida.

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