Representing Victims Of Truck Accidents In West Palm Beach County And Port St. Lucie County

In Florida, personal injury cases resulting from a semi-truck or big-rig accident are often complicated and time-consuming. Semi-truck drivers are required to adhere to numerous state and federal regulations and must carry insurance with higher limits than drivers of cars and/or motorcycles. Because of this, the injured party in a large-truck accident has a better chance of reaching a settlement that best reflects his or her damages than a plaintiff involved in a typical car accident.

Settlement Considerations

Because truckers are highly regulated, chances are high that a trucking defendant violated a statute. This may prove especially important during the settlement process, as proof of violation of a statute greatly increases the odds that the injured party will succeed at trial — assuming, of course, that the case requires litigation.

Cases Involving Multiple Defendants

If multiple defendants are involved in a large truck-related accident, some defendants may be equally liable for paying the plaintiff's damages. To make matters more confusing, some defendants may only be responsible only for the damages they personally caused by their own active negligence.

For example, a fatigued driver who exceeds his or her allotted driving time in a 24-hour period may share partial responsibility for an accident with the manufacturer of defective brakes. In this case, you could sue the driver and the manufacturer simultaneously if they both contributed to cause the accident. The jury would be called upon to assess each defendant's percentage of negligence.

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