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Understanding Safety Data Sheets

You know your company has to have Safety Data Sheets, you might have even looked at them, but understanding the information on the SDSs can be difficult.

There are 16 sections and a lot of information in each section about things that you might be exposed to in the workplace every day. Some of them might be relatively harmless, but others are toxic and need to be handled carefully. Make sure you know where the SDSs are and what information is on them.

Here are a few of the most important sections of the SDS sheet and what that means for how you do your job.

Know what you're working with

This first section contains the name of the chemical that you might use or be exposed to in the workplace. While this might not seem like an important section, if you need to call for help or get emergency care because of an exposure, it will be critical to know what you or your coworker was exposed to.

This section will also give you a quick summary of the use of this chemical and where it came from. This will all be important information if someone has a dangerous

Where to look if you're exposed

In section four of the SDS you'll find the first aid tips for how to help yourself or someone else who was exposed to this chemical. Often, this section will also tell you what to do in the event of specific types of exposure, such as when it gets in your eyes.

When you work in a place with hazardous chemicals, you'll want to be familiar with where this section is on the sheets so that you're able to locate it in an emergency.

Handling and storage

The handling and storage section of the SDS will be most important for your day-to-day responsibilities. Especially if you're handling dangerous chemicals regularly. In addition to the information on the SDS, you should also receive extensive training on the handling and storage requirement of the chemicals you will be using and what that means at the facility you'll be working in.

Other fields on the SDS

It is important to know that all the sections on the SDS have important information.These are simply the sections that have the most commonly accessed information. 

Not only do you have the right to know the information on the SDS, you also have the right to understand it. If you have questions about the information on the SDS, ask your employer so they can help you understand the risks of the chemicals in the workplace.

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