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How to start the process of filing a workers' compensation claim

Getting injured at work can force you to stay home and recover while accumulating medical bills. This is a tough situation when you need regular income but you're surrounded by bills you can't afford to pay. Many families can feel the devastation when a loved one is suffering and the financial support is faltering.

Workers' compensation was developed decades ago to offer fair compensation to workers who are injured doing their job. It is an option that allows workers to get the help they need while recovering. However, obtaining the benefits of workers' compensation begins by doing your part of the process.

Medical help

The claims process begins by making sure you get medical attention for your injuries right away. You may not have any witnesses of your injury at the time it occurs, so it is important to get medical attention that documents your sustained damages. When there are no witnesses to the event, you will need to file an official injury notice with your employer.

Notify insurance

After getting medical attention, be sure to keep all records of what the doctors have concluded and any treatment or rehabilitation required. Once you have signed the proper paperwork with your employer, they will be obligated to notify the insurance company.

The process can become complicated and result in a legal dispute when an employer argues the validity of your claim. If an employer does not believe that you are being honest about the injury happening because of a work-related accident, legal action may be the best route.

Insurance companies and employers are less inclined to grant fair compensation. It is simply not in their best interest to give you what you deserve. This is often the case and what brings many loved-ones into legal offices to seek resolution and justice.

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