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Study finds women more likely than men to text and drive

Women in West Palm Beach and elsewhere are more likely to use cellphones while driving than men, according to a study. The study was conducted by researchers in South East Queensland, Australia.

Previous studies have found that people who text and drive are six times more likely to crash their car, while those who talk on cellphones while behind the wheel are two times more likely to be involved in a crash. The Australian study, which surveyed 447 drivers, found that certain types of people are more likely to engage in distracted driving behaviors than others. These people include female drivers, individuals who frequently use their phones to text and make calls, people who have a general disregard for safety procedures and those who have a lack of restraint. On the other hand, the study found that the temptation to engage in distracted driving behaviors decreases with age and experience.

Sixty-eight percent of the study's participants said it was hard to convince them that texting and driving is dangerous. However, the study found that visible law enforcement officers and difficult driving conditions, such as heavy traffic and winding roads, effectively discouraged distracted driving behaviors.

If a distracted driver causes a car accident, he or she could be sued by occupants of other vehicles who have been harmed in the crash. A personal injury attorney could use crash investigation reports, witness testimony and cellphone records to show that the at-fault motorist was otherwise engaged at the time and that this was the proximate cause of a victim's injuries.

Source: Insurance Journal, "Females More Likely Than Males to Engage in Distracted Driving", July 10, 2018

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