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August 2018 Archives

OSHA bulletins address noise and respiratory hazards

As part of its Temporary Worker Initiative, OSHA has released two bulletins on how host employers and staffing agencies are to protect temp workers from noise exposure and respiratory hazards. Both employees and employers in Florida should know that these bulletins reinforce what was said in OSHA's Occupational Noise Standard and Respiratory Protection Standard.

Drowsiness impairs drivers in a similar way to drinking alcohol

Florida offers people many recreational activities, but long drives home after a day of fun could raise the danger of falling asleep behind the wheel. From losing a night's sleep to a hard day at work, people can get sleepy while driving for a variety of reasons. Drowsiness impedes a driver's ability to operate a vehicle in a manner similar to alcohol because it slows reaction times and reduces judgment. These conditions make it difficult for drivers to respond effectively if something unexpected happens.