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January 2019 Archives

Does workers' compensation apply to repetitive stress injuries?

Filing a workers' compensation claim and following it through is a lengthy process, which is often a struggle for workers suffering from an injury. The process can grow even longer and more complicated for workers who develop repetitive stress injuries, because insurance companies often find ways to disqualify these injuries or avoid compensating these workers fully.

Disability appeals generally take less time to complete

Florida residents who have filed for Social Security disability benefits may have to wait months to hear about their initial applications. In some cases, the initial application will be denied. However, applicants who wish to appeal should not let the timeline for the initial decision discourage them from doing so. Typically, the reconsideration appeal process takes less time to complete. Paperwork can be completed online as opposed to using paper forms.

Understanding your rights as a victim of a personal injury

A personal injury can change your life and your goals. After an injury, you may be forced into a situation where you have no choice but to go through medical treatments like rehabilitation or surgery. You may not be able to work, and you might have trouble doing the things that you enjoy in your everyday life.