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Disability appeals generally take less time to complete

Florida residents who have filed for Social Security disability benefits may have to wait months to hear about their initial applications. In some cases, the initial application will be denied. However, applicants who wish to appeal should not let the timeline for the initial decision discourage them from doing so. Typically, the reconsideration appeal process takes less time to complete. Paperwork can be completed online as opposed to using paper forms.

The examiner who reviews the case will largely make a decision using information that was provided in the initial application. Therefore, he or she will render a decision in a timely manner. Of course, there is a good chance that the reconsideration appeal will also result in a claim being denied. This is because the guidelines are the same on appeal as they were when the first application was submitted.

It's still possible that a claim will be approved at the reconsideration level if an error was made when originally denying a request for benefits. Furthermore, that initial appeal is a necessary step on the path toward getting a hearing in front of a judge. Roughly two-thirds of applications are approved during the administrative hearing, which means that an appeal is often worth the time it takes to go through.

Those who apply for Social Security disability benefits may improve their chances of having an application approved with the help of a legal representative. A lawyer may explain how the appeal process works and how it differs from simply sending in another application. If an applicant gets to speak with a judge, an attorney can help prepare for that hearing. In addition, legal counsel may send in paperwork or answer questions a disability benefit applicant has.

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