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Workers' Compensation Archives

How truck drivers can prevent cranking-related shoulder injuries

Truck drivers in West Palm Beach and elsewhere are susceptible to shoulder injuries when performing cranking operations on their trailers. Luckily, a new study has found that strategic positioning can help reduce shoulder strain and lower the risk of on-the-job injuries.

Workers' comp and the ability to sue an employer

Normally, employers in Florida are protected from personal injury litigation if they have valid workers' compensation coverage. This is because the worker's comp system is set up so that injured workers give up their right to sue in exchange for receiving benefit payments. It's referred to as a no-fault system because it doesn't matter who is at fault. However, there are instances when there may be some exceptions.

Keeping outdoor workers safe during winter

OSHA has listed some of the top hazards of winter outdoor work at its Winter Weather resource site. Employers in West Palm Beach, especially those whose employees might drive a snow blower or remove snow off roofs, will want to know what some of the organization's safety tips are. The first step is to follow OSHA's guidelines regarding personal protective equipment, hazard training and fall protection.

Worker fatigue makes dangerous jobs even more dangerous

On-the-job fatigue can be a problem for workers in West Palm Beach in many different jobs. Being tired at work can be a safety risk in any industry, but it is especially dangerous for workers in jobs that are dangerous to begin with. A new report from the National Safety Council finds that 69 percent of workers feel tired at work, but employers, rather than workers, may have a better understanding of the impact fatigue can have.

The Health Hazards of Hotel Housekeeping

The tourism industry is a 24-hour playground of activity for many people visiting the southern coast of Florida. Undoubtedly, hotel housekeepers have their days and nights filled with a high-demand for attentive customer service. The turn-over rate for prepping a room for its next guest is often a narrow window of time. During the rush between check-ins, workers experience a significant amount of physical and mental stress.

OSHA bulletins address noise and respiratory hazards

As part of its Temporary Worker Initiative, OSHA has released two bulletins on how host employers and staffing agencies are to protect temp workers from noise exposure and respiratory hazards. Both employees and employers in Florida should know that these bulletins reinforce what was said in OSHA's Occupational Noise Standard and Respiratory Protection Standard.

How to start the process of filing a workers' compensation claim

Getting injured at work can force you to stay home and recover while accumulating medical bills. This is a tough situation when you need regular income but you're surrounded by bills you can't afford to pay. Many families can feel the devastation when a loved one is suffering and the financial support is faltering.

Reporting unsafe working conditions: keep the site safe

If you work construction, then you are about as hearty as they come. Across the nation, blue-collar workers are the ones who keep our houses held together, our roadways intact and electricity buzzing. They also have some of the most dangerous working conditions of anyone in the country.

Reducing heat stress when working in extreme heat

For Florida workers who work outside or in warehouses, the summer weather brings with it the risks of heat stress. Working in extreme heat can have an impact on workers' brain functions and body functions, potentially putting them at risk for serious heat-related illnesses and injuries.