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Every Floridian is entitled to a safe, respectful work environment. Having assisted West Palm Beach and Port St. Lucie residents with employment law issues for over 15 years, the attorneys at Thompson & Thomas, P.A. are well equipped to help you with matters pertaining to workplace discrimination and/or workers’ compensation claims. Call (561) 651-4150 today to schedule your free consultation.

Workplace Discrimination

It is against the law, both federally and in the state of Florida, for an employer to discriminate against an employee on the basis of gender, age, ethnicity, race, capability (i.e. disability) and/or familial status (i.e. pregnancy). If you have recently suffered a job-related injury and have found little to no help from your employer — or if you are currently experiencing workplace discrimination of any kind — contact the compassionate attorneys at Thompson & Thomas, P.A. as soon as possible.

Workers’ Compensation

Personal injuries are never easy. Lengthy recovery times and steep hospital expenses often cause undue stress and feelings of shame, anger and helplessness. Fortunately, the personalized attention you and your family will receive from Thompson & Thomas, P.A. can help speed up your path to the future you deserve. If you are currently battling with a work-related injury resulting from another’s negligence and/or misconduct, call (561) 651-4150 today to schedule your free consultation.

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The attorneys at Thompson & Thomas, P.A. pride themselves on offering seasoned, compassionate legal assistance to families and individuals throughout Palm Beach, Indian River and Okeechobee Counties. With over 15 years’ experience handling employment law matters, Philip Thompson and Chuck Thomas are premier employment law attorneys.

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If you or someone you love is currently battling with workplace discrimination and/or a workers’ compensation claim, consult the experienced employment attorneys at Thompson & Thomas, P.A. Call (561) 651-4150 today to schedule your free consultation.